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Want to know more about accessories of gift box?

The gift box can keep your presents safe and concealed, and be quite attractive on their own.
The accessories attached inside and outside of gift box are set up for the decoration and protection of gift.

Hangzhou Fullpack adopts these materials for accessories of customized gift boxes.
1. Ribbon and bow
Colorful ribbon and bow is a nice decoration to the separate lid gift box.
The ribbon color could be red, orange, blue, green, purple, grey, etc.
Seperate Lid Paper Gift Packing Box
2. Magnet locking for book style folding gift boxes
Two pieces of thin magnet is embed in the open parts of
the book type gift box.
The physical attaction of magnet could make the box closed.
A certain strength from hand is necessary to open the gift box.
Book Style Gift Box China
3. EVA foam inside
EVA foam is vert soft, while inserted inside the box, it can protect the gift inside from turbulence and crush.
drawer type gift box
4. EPE foam inside
EPE is a quite eco-friendly material used for packaging. It is non-polluted and recyclable
Gift Box with EVA foam inside China
5.PU foam inside
Gift Box with PU foam inside China
6.Flocking inside
Gift boxe with flocking inside is used to pack luxurious commodities like jewelry(necklace,earrings, bracelet,), watch, pen, etc.
gift box with flocking inside China
7. PET and PVC bracket inside
gift box with PET bracket inside China
8. Paper bracket inside
Foldable paper bracket is made of white cardboard, grey cardboard or very thin corrugated paper(F flute or E flute) in three-dimensional shape, inserted inside the packaging box, supporting and protecting the goods packed inside.
Paper bracket is recyclable and eco-friendly.
paper packaging box with paper  bracket inside China

Hangzhou Fullpack produces a wide range of personalized paper box and gift box in China.
For product inquiry, please contact us at info@fpprinting.com or by phone +86-571-87833892.

Want to know more about accessories of gift box?

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